How to earn cryptocurrency

ArbitragePro – service for earning cryptocurrecy on the difference
between the cost of the same pair on different trading platforms.

How to use our service:

    • Sign up on our website and get access to the tools. registr
    • After registration, you need to pay for access to the service, just press the "Pay for access" button and follow the wallet instructions pay_button
  • Our service displays possible profit in arbitrage cryptocurrency

    - Choose a coin for arbitrage

    - Check the daily trading volume (the larger the volume, the more successful your arbitration will be)

  • We chose CENNZ coin with an arbitrage profit of 7.34% and a large volume of trades.
    • The program shows that now it can be bought at the Hitbtc Exchange, at a price of 0.00000722 Btc
    • Open CENNZ coin at the Hitbtc Exchange hitbtc
  • Buy 1400 CENNZ coins by Ask price
    • We spent 0.010108 Btc
    • Withdrow these coins at the Cryptopia Exchange cryptopia
  • Sell 1400 CENNZ coins by Byd price at the Cryptopia Exchange
    • We got 0.01110774 Btc
    • Profit 0.01110774/0.010108= 9.9% (During the transfer, the price at the Cryptopia Exchange increased)

In this example, we made a profit of 9.9% per transaction. In a day you can do several such operations, your earnings depend only on you

You should know this:

  • During the transfer, the price of coins may increase or decrease.
  • Each coin has a different translation time, consider this.
  • Each coin has a transfer commission, make sure that the commission is not higher than your profit.
  • Before arbitrating the coins, check the trading volumes on both exchanges.
  • Consider the market trend, trading in a falling market has many risks.
  • If you made a mistake when transferring funds, please contact the Exchange Support.